Scientifically proven

Extensive preclinical studies in 2008 demonstrated the positive properties of the ceramic.implant. As a result, a multicenter clinical study was prepared at the Universities of Freiburg and Zurich and implemented from 2009 onwards.

Numerous studies make ceramicimplant one of the best documented ceramic implants ever.

Numerous other studies make ceramic.implant one of the best documented ceramic implants ever.


The study results prove:

  • Success with single-tooth replacement and fixed partial dentures 204), 237)

  • Fast and safe healing 46), 201), 243)

  • Healing possible without protective splint 201)

  • Soft tissue behavior is analogous to natural teeth 201), 224), 243)

  • Improved cell maturation of osteoblasts 242)

  • Stable bone level 201), 243)

Documentation Summary III

Documentation Summary III is a DEKRA-certified literature study about implants (comparison of titanium and zirconia) and all-ceramic restorations commissioned by PROSEC. It summarizes the studies on VITA Zahnfabrik and vitaclinical products in 272 pages.

Documentation Summary III is a literature study about implants and all-ceramic restorations commissioned by PROSEC

It outlines the relevant studies of the last five years and serves as a scientific basis for future changes. The following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Long-term studies show that one-piece zirconia implants with a reworked surface have proven to be excellent.

  • Teeth and implants can be successfully restored with monolithic ceramics (lithium disilicate, zirconia).

  • Before two-piece zirconia implants can be recommended for daily use in practices, clinical data must be available over a longer period of time.

The Documentation Summary III, with over 200 relevant studies, can be ordered at


Numbering references the page number in Documentation Summary III.

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Submitted for Documentation Summary IV.

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