ceramic.implant is a single-piece, tapered, cylindrical ceramic implant
For reliable osseointegration, the optimal roughness and topography of the implant surface are crucial.

ceramic.implant – One implant, many advantages

ceramic.implant is a single-piece, tapered, cylindrical ceramic implant with a design specifically adapted to the material, zirconia.
The endosseous form is aimed at facilitating high primary stability. The head geometry enables safe, conventional or CAD/CAM-manufactured prosthetic restoration of ceramic.implant.

When a ceramic.implant is inserted, the selected thread geometry resultsin partial bone compression in the spongiosa, enabling relatively short healing periods – 8 weeks for the lower jaw, 16 weeks for the upper jaw.

Your advantages

  • The ceramic implant with comprehensive clinical documentation

  • An implant made in Germany from high-performance zirconium oxide (Y-TZP) 126)

  • Shortened healing time thanks to patented implant surface cer.face® 14 201), 33), 91)

  • Reliable osseointegration 46), 201), 218), 243)

  • Time-efficient therapy

  • High primary stability

  • Stable bone level 201), 243)

  • The implant developed as part of an overall concept with matched restorative materials from the same manufacturer, e.g. VITA ENAMIC®

The optimal implant surface

For reliable osseointegration, the optimal roughness and topography of the implant surface are crucial. The result of many years of research is the patented implant surface cer.face® 14.

The implant design and the macro- and microstructuring of the implant surface cer.face® 14 provide very good primary stability as well as safe and rapid osseointegration of the ceramic.implant.

This is your profit

  • Predictable success 201), 243)

  • Modern implantology with zirconia oxide implants with the same security as with titanium implants 218)

  • Tooth replacement closest to the natural tooth, with coordinated materials from the apex to the crown (e.g. VITA ENAMIC®)

  • Access to an extended patient clientele

  • Time-efficient treatment plans without a second surgery

  • Material advantage without extra costs

  • High patient satisfaction and loyalty

Product overview ceramic.implant

VITA-Expertise in ceramics

Like no other ceramic implant, ceramic.implant supports the implementation of time-efficient treatment plans and predictable, long-term stable results of natural esthetics. Year after year, the positive clinical features of the clinical study document a high biocompatibility and thus good compatibility of the ceramic.implant.


The ceramic.implant is self-explanatory for the experienced implantologist – it can be treated like an abutment, and the prosthetic procedure is as usual. The application-oriented packaging, the reliable transfer coping, the simple drill sequence and the self-explanatory tray also ensure a high degree of user-friendliness and process reliability.


Convincing product features, a comprehensive database – the unique material composition, the coordinated design, the patented implant surface and much more provide the excellent clinical results documented in numerous studies.


All options, one vendor – the scanable implant head and VITA prosthetic materials provide great prosthetic freedom within a validated overall concept. VITA offers complete metal-free solutions from the apex to the crown. This treatment alternative with biological-physical advantages from one source is now available to you.

ceramicimplant with VITA ENAMIC crown



The surgical.tray contains all the instruments and drills required for inserting the ceramic.implant CI. A single drill sequence for each implant diameter allows the implant bed to be prepared for each of the different implant lengths.


The instruments manufactured by MEISINGER for vitaclinical run with optimum moothness, offer indentation that facilitates efficient cutting, and provide high precision.

These steel instruments are manufactured as a single piece using surgical stainless steel, thus also providing optimum thermostability as well as a considerably longer life span.


The systemic prosthetic.parts allow temporary restoration, impression taking, and reproduction of the clinical situation on a master model. The coordinated components guarantee a reliable prosthetic result.

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