The instruments manufactured by MEISINGER for vitaclinical run with optimum moothness, offer indentation that facilitates efficient cutting, and provide high precision. These steel instruments are manufactured as a single piece using surgical stainless steel, thus also providing optimum thermostability as well as a considerably longer life span. The matt surface of the instruments allows work to be performed without any glare, ensuring that the depth marks can be easily recognized.

The surgical.tray contains all the instruments and drills required for inserting the ceramic.implant.
Self-explanatory guidance – no misunderstandings during use – reliability right from the start


The conical mold adapted to the implant has a left occlusion cutting on the right and thus enables precise guidance and no jamming due to the corkscrew effect. The four cutting edges with one facet provide high cutting efficiency, precision, and smooth running.


  • As a result of its design, a profil.drill is suitable for all implant lengths

  • Exact preparation without oversizing – reliable primary stability


In order to avoid overloading the implant during insertion, the insertion.mount is designed for loading peaks of only up to 100 Ncm.


  • Safe no-touch implant removal

  • Safe transport into the mouth even in the lower jaw

  • Safe application of force during insertion

  • Possible impression aid for taking an impression directly after insertion


The four cutting edges create an even distribution of forces during thread cutting and result in the required precision.


  • Dimension of the thread.cutter is1:1 to the implant for ceramic-compatible insertion and high primary strength