In prosthodontics, all-ceramic is considered the ultimate. Especially the esthetics and biocompatibility speak for a metal-free replacement of missing teeth. And what about the implants? For a long time, titanium was the standard. Since the high-performance zirconia oxide is available, the metal-free dental rehabilitation is possible. We are convinced, that this is the better solution for the patient.

Essential criteria for the success of ceramic implants are know-how in the development, the high material competence and the experience in the production of ceramics. VITA has been manufacturing dental ceramics since 1924 and is a leading solution provider for metal-free restorations and esthetic dentistry.

Our claim is the clinical evice. In the development of the ceramic.implant, vitaclinical has worked intensively with leading universities and a network of established implantologists.

As a user, you have access to our knowledge about ceramic implantology. Expand your treatment spectrum with the ceramic.implant and meet new wishes of your patients. Individual consultation with vitaclinical ensures your safe entry into metal-free implantology.

The ceramic.implant is already a success story. Become a part of it!

Yours sincerely,

Henry and Dr. Emanuel Rauter

Henry and Dr. Emanuel Rauter VITA Zahnfabrik

VITA – since 1924


We understand every request of a new customer as the beginning of a fruitful partnership. Since its founding in 1924, the family owned company has stood for reliability as much as for pioneering innovations and constant progress. Since then, dentists and dental technicians in over 150 countries trust in the VITA product solutions from Bad Säckingen. Around 770 people research and produce in a symbiosis of handicraft and high-tech.


Through generations, new and further developments of the VITA Zahnfabrik have had a lasting effect on dentistry. The company is undiscussed expert in the field of modern dental ceramics. Looking ahead and staying groundbreaking is important to VITA. The development of ceramic.implant and the establishment of the new vitaclinical business unit were a logical consequence for one of the industry's pioneers.

VITA – perfect match

All VITA product solutions are subject to a consistent system concept and unite the needs of the users – always and any time. The all-ceramic restoration provides you with a highly esthetic solution for metalfree implants. VITA provides everything from the root to the crown – the perfect connection.

ceramic implant with VITA ENAMIC crown

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