ceramic.implant CI 4.0 x 12 mm

For all implant indications in the upper and lower jaw for prosthetic restoration with single-tooth crown and bridges (up to three units).

Technical Information

Product number
12 mm
4.0 mm

Product description

Implant material

high-strength zirconia (Y-TZP): ZrO2 sand-blasted, etched and tempered, bending strength: 1,500 MPa

Implant surface

unique patented surface cer.face® 14 with macro and microstructure for high primary stability and reliable osseointegration

Implant head

4.5 mm tall for the optimal prosthetic design, can be reduced by up to 1.0 mm, has integrated rotation security and is suitable for conventional and CAD/CAM restoration

Implant neck

2.0 mm with excellent high gloss for the best soft tissue adaptation

Endosseous implant section

- tapered, cylindrical design: means fewer turns and therefore it reaches the final position faster
- cylindrical section: for optimal primary stability and reliable osseointegration